V Sat SuperTrack Z10Mk2

V Sat SuperTrack Z10Mk2

Κατηγορία: V Sat
Κατασκευαστής: KNS
Meets FCC and CE requirement

Above Deck
Dish Diameter 100cm (39”) Antenna Dimension 151cm(H) x 139cm(D)

Antenna Weight 114kg (Based on 4W BUC) Radome Material FRP

RX /TX Frequency Band TX : 14.0 ~ 14.5GHz Ku Band,
RX : 10.95 ~12.75GHz Ku Band
Humidty Up to 100% @ 40˚C

G/T 19.7dB/K RX /TX Gain 40.5dBi / 41.1dBi

BUC 4W / 6W, 8W, 16W, 25W(Option) Operating Platform 3-Axis

LNB Linear / Internal PLL Skew Control Automatic
(-130˚ ~ +130˚)

Elevation Angle -20˚ ~ +105˚ Azimuth Range Unlimited

Cross Angle +/- 30˚ Tracking Speed More than 90˚/sec

Vibration Damper Wire Rope Isolator Temperature -20˚C to 55˚C

Below Deck

ACU Size 19” Rack 1U size External I/O RS232C, USB, Ethernet

Input Power 110/220VAC Free Gyro Compass Input NMEA, Synchro

Output Power 48VDC 100W

Size 155 x 155 x 174cm Gross Weight 200kg

Packed by Wooden Crate


Different types of dish can be provided according to your requirements. Please contact us.

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