CMZ 700 Gyrocompass

CMZ 700 Gyrocompass

Category: Gyro Compass
Manufacturer: Yokogawa

Easy to Construct System


It is easy to configure the CMZ700 series to the required specification. Three models of the CMZ700 are available. CMZ700B drives the repeaters directly from the master compass without the control box. CMZ700S has various inputs and outputs with the control box. CMZ700D is for a dual gyrocompass system.


Excellent vibration-proof Structure


Improved vibration and stock proof mechanism by adopting universal joint and outer bellows damper in addition to rubber isolator and bellow damper.


Improvement of follow-up function


The container mass reduces the burden to the compass motor (stepping motor) and realizes the follow-up speed of 30°/s. (CMZ500:12°/s). This improvement enables high speed follow-up for small high speed turning vessels.


Built in autopilot stand


Master Compass and control box of CMZ700S can be installed in autopilot stand.


Built in restart timer


CMZ700 series can have time set from 1 to 99 hours.


Back up by external heading signal


External heading sensor (Magnetic compass, GPS compass etc.) can drive all repeater system. Repeater heading is automatically synchronised from Gyro heading to external heading.

Operation by ships battery


Low power consumption allows drive from the ships battery. If AC adapter is connected, AC mains back-up the system. (AC adapter option).


Auto speed error correction function (Option for CMZ700B)


The speed error is corrected automatically based on the ships speed signal from GPS or other position sensor. In the case of no latitude signal, the latitude is estimated based on the ship speed and heading.

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