Bridge Direct

Bridge Direct

Manufacturer: Lilliey & Gillie



Bridge Direct has successfully been installed across a UK major oil shipping fleet as well as a large number of other vessels. Bridge Direct by Lilley and Gillie enables the mariner onboard a vessel to view and print up to date corrections and tracings acting as a Digital Notice To Mariners.


Updates can be installed either by an automatic email, or via a CD.


Email Updates

Onboard charts can be corrected on a weekly basis as vessels receive weekly updates received via a compressed email reducing the file size to a minimum. The vessel only receives tracings specific to the vessels chart index further reducing the email file size.


CD Updates

Another alternative is taking advantage of the once fortnightly CD update that is sent to the vessel when possible, again the CD only contains tracing corrections specific to the vessel.


Key Features


  • Weekly transmission of vessel specific digital notices to mariners, tracings, colour blocks and new edition data.
  • Free of charge bespoke onboard software tailored to each vessel index.
  • Correction log and password system.
  • Weekly email transmission compressed to reduce costs.
  • No special decoders or hardware required.
  • User friendly.
  • UKHO approved.
  • Geographical or Numerical indexes.

All that is required to run Bridge Direct is a standard Windows PC and a colour pinter, eliminating any hardware installation or maintenance costs.

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