Walker P7007

Walker P7007

Manufacturer: Lilliey & Gillie

Main Features

  • A compact and stilish user friendly unit.
  • Easily installed and incorporated intoy an established bridge system.
  • Emergency call and remote reset  facilities.
  • Intergrated motion sensor.
  • Intergrated back up battery pack in case of mains power failure.
  • Visual and audio alarms that can be placed anywhere onboard.
  • Display dimmer control.
  • Unique touch menu display.
  • Timed dormant countdown between 3-12 minutes.
  • Multiple remote reset options.
  • Key Switch operation.
  • Variable alarm tone and volume.


Standard system

The basic BNWAS comprises:

1 x P7007 BNWAS Unit

1 x P7011 Stage 2 audio sounder

1 x P7012 Stage 3 audio sounder

1 x P7010 Emergency call unit


Optional System Extras

The following units can be ordered separately to provide system expansion:

Walker P7008 Remote Reset / Repeater BNWA Unit (Maximum of 4)
P7010 Emergency Call unit
P7009 Remote Reset unit
P7011 Stage 2 Audio Sounder
P7012 Stage 3 Audio Sounder

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