Bridge Watch Alarm System

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Samyung BNW-50
Samyung BNW-50

Samyung Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System BNW-50

Bridge Watch Alarm System SAMYUNG
Walker P7007
Walker P7007

The purpose of this Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) is to monitor bridge activity and detect operator disability which potentially could lead to marine accidents.

The awareness of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) is monitored through an alarm reset or motion detector and the BNWAS automatically alerts the Master or other qualified OOW if the original OOW becomes incapacitated and unable to perform their duties.

Bridge Watch Alarm System Lilliey & Gillie
Uni-Safe BNWAS BW-800
Uni-Safe BNWAS BW-800

BNWAS - BW-800 - Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
Deadline for Newbuildings: 1. July 2011 !

BW-800 BNWAS complies with following standards:

IEC 62616 (New standard from February 2010)
IMO MSC. 128(75) (Old recommandation from May 2002)

The BW-800 BNWAS Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System has a DNV Type Approval.

Bridge Watch Alarm System Uni-Safe