Designed specifically for marine use.


–      Designed for marine use,

–      With case made of nylon and PC material, AM-100 can stand strong wind of 60m/s and can be installed outdoor

                 without corrosion.

  • Can support up to 4 display units to indicate wind speed and direction at four areas onboard.
  • Maximum 6 ports of RS422 output are available to provide wind data to other navigation devices.
  •      True wind speed/direction available.
  •     CCS type approval.
 Wind Range:  Wind direction 0~360°
Wind velocity 0~60 m/s
 Accuracy:  Wind direction ±5°
Wind velocity ±(0.5+ V×5%) m/s
 Power Supply:  AC220V
 Output Data:  NMEA 0183 (6 ports, RS422), 4800bps
 Input Signal:  Gyro Compass, NMEA 0183, RS422
Speed Log, NEMA 0183, RS422
 Display Capacity   Max 4 Indicator Units to be connected
 Environment:  Outdoor  -30℃~+70℃
Indoor  -15℃~+55℃
 Weight (AM-100T)  4.0kg (Transmitter Unit)
 Size (AM-100T)  614(H) × 606(L) × 243(propeller diameter) mm
 IP Grade  IP22 (Display Unit, Junction Box), IP66 (Transmitter Unit, Remote Button)