Capable of voice communication and DSC (digital selective calling) facilities as well. – Can be part of onboard GMDSS package for vessels of A1, A2 or A3. – Output for (S)VDR is also available on NVR-1000. – Conforms to the regulations of ITU-R M.493-11, IEC 61097-7, IEC 61097-3, IEC 60945. – CCS type approval. SPECIFICATIONS TX Frequency: 156.025 ~ 157.425 MHz RX Frequency: 156.050 ~ 163.275 MHz Working Channel: ITU (57) DSC Watch Ch.: CH70 TX Power: 25W (high) 1W (low) RX Sensitivity: _2_V (SINAD=20dB) Interface – GPS Input: RS-422, 4800bps – VDR Output: 600_ balanced – Printer I/O: RS-232, 4800bps Power Supply: 13.8VDC (max 5.5A) Weight: 1.5 kg Size Dimension: 233(W) × 137(H) × 91(D) mm