The Yokogawa CMZ-900 gyro compass is approved in accordance with IMO standartds.

Gyrocompass Yokogawa CMZ-900 series has been type approved in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, resolution A.424 (XI) as well as JIS-F9602, class A standards.

  • A modular design saves the space. Master compass can be integrated in the autopilot steering stand.
  • Manual speed error correction
  • External heading sensor can back up the heading outputs.
  • Serial data output IEC 61162-2 (high-speed transmission)
  • A unique anti-vibration mechanism enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil, provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
  • A small and lightweight container enhances the follow up speed. The gyrocompass reading changes smoothly and
    does not lag when a small ship rapidly changes course.
  • Easy maintenance and long maintenance periods
    – Titanium capsule and electrodes are employed at lower hemisphere of Gyrosphere. Purity is maintained inside of the container, and maintenance interval is then longer-dated.
    – The container is divided into two pieces at bottom when overhauled. Ship’s crew can replace Gyrosphere in case of emergency.
  • The restart time can be preset from 1 to 99 hours.